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The best way to sell rental property. A 5-star service to sell your home quickly for a completely transparent fee.

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Sell with TrustHome selling is Tricky now, Tamani is Changing that.

Market your property to a big network of real estate buyers inside UAE and abroad. Preserve the tenants in the area and maintain to collect rental income through closing with us. Leave the busywork to Tamani Agents! We’ll accumulate property statistics and create an attractive liting. Transact 100% Online from the comfort of your home.


How to sell with Tamani Properties

1. Submit Listing

By registering and entering your property’s information, we’ll be able to generate a free valuation report for you.

2. Get Valuation and Set a Price

We’ll arrange a Property valuation, discuss the price point which attracts investors and your desired net proceeds.

3. Market Your Property

Tamani will take a photoshoot, Video Tour, and collects important documents to create an attractive listing that will be viewed by thousands of qualified investors.

4. Receive Offers and Close

We recieve many offers from our investors for your property and once you have accepted the bid, we will comeplete the transacion within a week. “Happy deal”

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